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Aug 31, 2015

Goodbye Kroh

While economic development of a town is vital for sustenance of its people, sometimes it strips away the very essence of the existence of that place... if we are not careful.

Kroh aka Pengkalan Hulu is no longer what it was before. Rapid development has stripped away its natural beauty. It has become just like another other small town we drive through towards our destination to elsewhere. Gone are its serenity, its spirit. Gone are the cherished magical mornings and the cool enchanted evenings.

What is even worse is the natural spirit of its pioneers are lost. The majority of people here now are more strangers and  newcomers to this town who have brought with them their disinterest and ignorance to this town's past. They have no idea how it was say 40 , 50 more so 100 years ago... so they don't really care what really happens to this place as long as they are making their money and living. They have no idea what a blessed place it was once before. Well done, developers and town Councillors ..well done for having destroyed another God's gift with your shortsightedness and selfishness.  Hope your bungalows and bank balance for your children and grandchildren are well worth this fanaa.(destruction). Building garish looking buildings aka chalets, floating restaurants, toilet and hospital around once a lovely park with river water ONCE clean enough to swim and drink is hardly preserving nature at its best. What a total disregard to God's gift. It should be a town built for retreat and rest, a tourist attraction with its many natural attractions, hot springs and caves... instead ended up being bashed up by too fast a commercial development, stripping away of its green lungs and water containment areas.. only a person who is not born in this town or not connected to this place can trash this town up fore pure business purposes. Kroh has become an eyesore now.

Kroh has become an estranged town. It is sad. But life moves on. Maybe someday someone with wisdom and foresight will turn things around. Till then,  Goodbye... Kroh. It has been good as long it lasted. Thank you for the gift of beautiful childhood memories. Subhanallah..... it had been wonderful.

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  1. kekalkan Kroh seperti dulu-dulu...1970-1989...mmm...missed all the things.