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Sep 23, 2014

Float festival @ Tasek Takong (Pertandingan Rakit Berhias)

I remember more than 30 years ago when an annual festival used to take place in the Kroh and its Lake Garden. From people wrestling on a greasy pole over the lake to many other activities like football game at the local field where the players will dress up in female getups like sarees, nurses uniform, cheongsam and kebaya, off all the kebaya will get reaped up the most.... funny memories, cherished, unforgettable. 
That spirit of togetherness and fun was there. 

Later , I remember having dangdut artistes firing up the night with their sexy pelvic gyrations until the religious authorities put an end to it thankfully. 

Then for many years things lay quiet.... little events here and there, the lake became quite untouchable because of all the drain water running into it....children stopped swimming in it...
and some days the lake was bare. It was a disheartening sight. 

And finally after many many years, someone saw light and decided it was time to 

This recent event is a movement towards that I believe. To maintain the beauty of the lake and promote the awareness. 

It was a sight to behold. Those floats that night. 
 Except for that few seconds when the VIP platform nearly collapsed... but everything was good that night. 

For once all races, Siamese, Malays, Indians, Chinese, Orang Aslis, Sabahans... 
all mingled without prejudices and that negative vibe. Because it was all new and exciting. 
People just forgot to be biased and instead enjoyed the night. 

One minor flaw though, the food stalls- stale food, bad food, uncooked food, expensive food-some people ended up with food poisoning. 

The burger stall though was first class, the two malay boys who served a mean salad, well cooked meats and buns spread with PLANTA margerine (unlike the inferior margerine you get at local stalls) and yet selling it @RM2.50. They did good. 

And it was a great night. 

Hope it is a beginning of a wonderful journey. 

WELL DONE to the organisers and local authorities!

Sep 22, 2014

Feb 25, 2014

Tasik Takong, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak- Boats

This lake was said to come about 100 years ago when King Reman's hundred over elephants took their dips in a small river that used to run through it from Tasek. Pengkalan Hulu aka Kroh used to be under the Thai ruling until the British dragged the border stone past Air Panas and declared a new borderline to keep the Klian Intan Tin Mine for themselves. The main tin mine exists today even after the cable cars are long gone. Rahman Hydraulic Tin Mine is the major miner. Coming back to Tasik Takong, there is new attraction to this lake, a positive one. Boats...swan boats ... and cycle operated boats.

 It is a nice change considering all the garish buildings coming up around the lake... the natural beauty is on the way of being overshadowed. What brought the local authorities to build a hospital near a lake, beats the logic out of it. Now if they had built a park, a recreational facility ... maybe.

Well, let's hope this boating experience will urge everyone to keep the lake clean and appreciated at the least so that the future generation will come to see what pride we took in preserving this naturally gifted hilltown and its beauty for them..

The boats are priced at RM10 for half hourly open from 11am to 7pm.

Jan 9, 2014

Best Places to Stay in Pengkalan Hulu

Whether it is a lake side chalet, a hot spring chalet, a decent enough hotel for a small town or homestay.. or even camp out under the skies.. !

Jan 2, 2014

Air Panas, Pengkalan Hulu

It was after a heavy downpour today, we decided on the way back from our weekly Sunday tea at the local nasi kandar to revisit Kolam Air Panas.

The chalets under Chalet Air Panas were again open for business after a brief closure for maintenance.

It felt good to soak your cold feet in bubbling sulphuric water after rain.

The new channels built around provided ample sitting space..

More chalets in the design of old kampung houses adds choice..

Nice landscaping efforts..

25 years ago, i remember there were 3 main hot spring wells.. and 2 roughly built cement pools for boys and girls.

Now remains two wells, well cordoned off for safety and more pool area provided.

The dewan makan (hall) completes facilities for seminars or workshops.

The river running in the background where we used to jump in between dunks in the hot water. Nice place for weekend seminar or retreat.

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