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Jan 9, 2014

Best Places to Stay in Pengkalan Hulu

Whether it is a lake side chalet, a hot spring chalet, a decent enough hotel for a small town or homestay.. or even camp out under the skies.. !

Jan 2, 2014

Air Panas, Pengkalan Hulu

It was after a heavy downpour today, we decided on the way back from our weekly Sunday tea at the local nasi kandar to revisit Kolam Air Panas.

The chalets under Chalet Air Panas were again open for business after a brief closure for maintenance.

It felt good to soak your cold feet in bubbling sulphuric water after rain.

The new channels built around provided ample sitting space..

More chalets in the design of old kampung houses adds choice..

Nice landscaping efforts..

25 years ago, i remember there were 3 main hot spring wells.. and 2 roughly built cement pools for boys and girls.

Now remains two wells, well cordoned off for safety and more pool area provided.

The dewan makan (hall) completes facilities for seminars or workshops.

The river running in the background where we used to jump in between dunks in the hot water. Nice place for weekend seminar or retreat.

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