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Jan 9, 2014

Best Places to Stay in Pengkalan Hulu

Whether it is a lake side chalet, a hot spring chalet, a decent enough hotel for a small town or homestay.. or even camp out under the skies.. !


  1. I miss this place so much..much...much....I bet you will add more as time goes by. Have you ever been to the old British fort on top of the hill at the back of SMTS? I don't know if the remnants of the fort still there or have been cleared to make way for development. Guess you should try to capture that part of history, as well. Hope to see more.

  2. Hi Kalai, this must be a new blog about your hometown. It is very beautiful. Will try and arrange a visit next holidays. Can you post more about the caves and waterfalls?

  3. A wonderful place I can feel it.

  4. To cyclopseven

    There was no fort at the back of SMTS. It was once a rifle range. Built on the site of the old rifle range is a residential building for the sub-district Agriculture Officer.

    The site of the present SMTS was once a Local Council Pig Slaugther House. The Cattle Slaughter house was were the end of the football field is.

  5. Hi Kalei, How are you?
    I did not watch the movie you mentioned at my blog.- Why Me

  6. It was my home for many years. My late grandfather's home is still there and one surviving aunt stays there still. My parents have all passed on and I try to go back when I can. Used to be twice a year, then became once a year and now, hardly...
    Its great you started this blog because it brings back very fond memories of the place my mother grew up and where I spent my early growing up years.
    After having lived in the big cities - in Kuala Lumpur the last 24 years - and in Penang and Johore Baru before that, I sometimes wonder whether life would not have been simpler if we had lived on in Kroh, or Pengkalan Hulu.
    I tried taking my family there but they were so used to the big city that they did not like Kroh very much. So I go back alone nowadays.
    Some friends still live there but we are all growing old. By the time we pass on, our children and grandchildren will not know what Kroh is all about... what a shame.

  7. Hi Kalei,

    Thank you for taking great efforts to bring this town to the world. I really like it - Well done.

  8. Hi Kalei
    Thank you for highlighting about Pengkalan hulu.
    I have lived in Kroh before brings back my childhood memories especially the school..Sek Keb Keroh. If not mistaken the year that time was in 1970's ..
    I hope can visit here next holidays..

  9. Hi , love ur pics and posts, is the town still the same?

  10. Hi, after reading your blog about Pengkalan Ulu, the place sounds interesting. I have never travelled to that part of Malaysia. I am 72 n I want to visit your town. You said the best place to stay is the rest house or chalet at the hotspring, do you have the telephone no of these two places. Or can you recommend a clean home stay.