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Nov 28, 2009

Belukar Semang, Pengkalan Hulu

Post Hari Raya Haji, we decided to take a long drive into Tasek and came across these nature's miracles. Perfect picnic spots, you call it. With these sceneries, what else can you wish for.

Nov 26, 2009

Restoran Huang Chao, Pengkalan Hulu

In the good old town of Pengkalan Hulu (Kroh)...

A new restaurant has come to sprout...

Ah Seng, an old ex classmate and his brother have decided to go all foodie with his brother..

What are friends for if you dont back one another up...and so we were there last week..

And mind it, the opinion is totally unprejudiced.. for the food was really good. A bubbling claypot of tofu and vegetables...

Mixed vege.. generously done..

Greens... how i like them.. lightly sauteed in garlic.

Big prawns in belacan sauce.. my favourite dish for the night..

Chicken is black soya sauce and dried red chillies..sauce was super moorish..

Good job Ah Seng ah!

Nov 24, 2009

Best Malay food stall in Pengkalan Hulu

Stay tuned for the bestest of Malay kampung food in Pengkalan Hulu. I am not kidding. Their ikan panggangs, rendangs and masak lemak-the best in the world! And im not getting paid to say this either!!! The most richest, aromatic using the best ingredients, they know their stuff! Im compiling pictures and info. Just a hint, it is at the medan selera near the bus station and right across the road from the bakery, look out for the lunch time crowd and a nice old gentleman, a retired policeman at the cashiers!