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Dec 25, 2013

Restoran Terapung, Taman Tasik Pengkalan Hulu

By the banks of that century old lake formed by stomping elephants that belonged to a Siamese king, now sits a restaurant..that almost floats on it.

It is a Malay restaurant and opens in the evenings late into the nights..

..all tinged in green.. and you know not why.

Hey, even your satay may look green..

And that mee basah.. is really not that bad.

Sit a while and the place grows on you..

Call it rustic charm..the open air..the old tree that grows through planks ..

Or that lazy sunset over the hills.. if you are in time for it..

Or the dark waters you know that lurks below the wooden planks..occasional tortoise, pythons and iguanas taking a peek at you.. welcome to Restoran Terapung, Taman Tasik Pengkalan Hulu.

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