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Dec 25, 2013

Restoran Terapung, Taman Tasik Pengkalan Hulu

By the banks of that century old lake formed by stomping elephants that belonged to a Siamese king, now sits a restaurant..that almost floats on it.

It is a Malay restaurant and opens in the evenings late into the nights..

..all tinged in green.. and you know not why.

Hey, even your satay may look green..

And that mee basah.. is really not that bad.

Sit a while and the place grows on you..

Call it rustic charm..the open air..the old tree that grows through planks ..

Or that lazy sunset over the hills.. if you are in time for it..

Or the dark waters you know that lurks below the wooden planks..occasional tortoise, pythons and iguanas taking a peek at you.. welcome to Restoran Terapung, Taman Tasik Pengkalan Hulu.

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  1. Wow, is it still there? I remember goin there 10 year ago.

  2. i've been there with family when we visit kroh in mid disember 2006...we live chalet nearby.i still remember the restoran took place was our main "port" activities ..whatelse swimming

  3. Hello Radhasantiya, love all the photos you have here! Just want to let you know that I, myself was born and raised there..born in 19th March,1968 at the Kem Batalion ke 19 Pasukan Polis Hutan..

    ...when I was in Form 3, we had to move out from there so we rent a house in Taman Dato' Lam Kok Long, my family stayed there until around 1998 then my father was transferred to kem Batalion 3 P.P.H in Ipoh..

    Going through all your photos, Pengkalan Hulu now, seems very unfamiliar to me..makes me wonder, is the little elephant statue standing by the road side in a triangle junction heading to Balai Polis, is still there or not..

    could you snap photos routing from Kem to the Mosque..really love to see it, la! lastly, I would like to invite you to join me in Facebook, many of my childhood friends from Kroh
    are all there..all your lovely photos will definitely brings back all the nostalgic memories growing up there..


    Chakiris Uda Nagu -

  4. Hi!

    Just to add on (and make a little correction) to what my brother Chakiris had said earlier.

    We lived in Pgkln Hulu from 1968-1990. We stayed in the PPH Batalion 19 camp from 1968-84. In 1984 (mid/late), we moved to Tmn Lam Kok Loong, near the clinic and tasik. In 1990, we moved to Ipoh after our father was transferred to Batalion 3.

    If you're on Facebook, do add us. We'd love to catch up, esp if you went to school with us or used to be our neighbour.

  5. Hello Radhasantiya, I'm also anak Kroh. I was born in April, 1974. My house was infront of the army camp. My dad was attacked to the Battalian 19 PPH. I left kroh for my studies in 1988.

    The kindergarden school image is still fresh in my mind. Kampung Baru hill use to scare me when i was small.

    Thanks for the photos


    sharmila -

    The helli-field was at the back of my house.

  6. Love that....I came from Grik many many years back....I know what the feeling was when returning to your birth place...


  7. Thanks for all the pictures, I left Kroh when I was 14. Never been back since. The pictures really brought me back in time. Always, my best childhood spent with my grandmother in Kampung Baru E-520. I'm not sure if it is still there. Yeah the Siamese teacher, I remember her. Just wanna thank you for this emotional moment.
    Best Rgds,

  8. Restoran terapung dah tutup buat sementara waktu...mungkin menaik taraf....